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We are a team of nursing detectives solving the coding puzzle.
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Our Services.

Industry savvy, efficient, and detail focused.
We specialize in home health Coding and Oasis Review. You need it yesterday, we did it yesterday!
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Diagnosis Coding
Home Health & Hospice

  • ICD-10 coding for any sized agency
  • Coding to its highest level of specificity
  • Codes entered directly into your software system
  • Compliant with current CMS rules and guidelines
  • Codes appropriately sequenced to capture better reimbursements

OASIS Review & Coding
Home Health

Includes all items under diagnosis coding plus:

  • Focused on key M-items driving case mix, outcome scores, and reimbursement
  • Recommendations for improving accuracy of OASIS answers resulting in higher outcome scores
  • Case-specific feedback for use in staff education
  • Diagnosis codes sequenced and mapped to M-items
  • Review all documentation relevant to the care episode: H&P, therapy evals, medication lists, doctor’s orders, clinical notes, etc. – Software scrubbers can’t do this!


  • All reviewers are based in the United States
  • All reviewers are licensed RNs, certified home health coders, and certified OASIS specialists (HCS-D, COS-C, or equivalent)
  • Trained in 20+ EMR systems
  • Up-to-date on all CMS rules and coding guidelines
  • Customer service trained


  • Services based on flat rate per case
  • Coding starts at $35
  • OASIS Review and Coding starts at $55
  • Volume discounts available
  • Billed on a monthly basis

Plain and simple, we deliver.

 Because we do this all day, every day, our reviewers have a competitive edge in accuracy and speed, these efficiencies are passed on to the customer, on average, by an additional $300 per episode. 

 We carefully review all documentation to create the most accurate picture for each patient to ensure OASIS questions are correctly answered. The added quality control improves OASIS accuracy and boosts agency outcome scores. 

 Increased accuracy means fewer claim denials. We have never had a claim denial as a result of our coding or OASIS recommendations in over 5 years. 

 Our OASIS audit reports provide your QA nurse with:
• All ICD-10 diagnosis codes sequenced and mapped for OASIS
• Suggestions to improve OASIS answers to better reflect patient condition
• Detailed explanation for suggested corrections 


 Work is performed by our team of US-based RNs we call “reviewers”.  We carefully select reviewers with:
• Active RN licenses with minimum 10 years home health nursing and coding experience
• ICD-10 home health coding certification (HCS-D)
• Certified OASIS Specialists (COS-C)
• Proven track record of strong coding
• Exceptional customer service
Their experience and specialized skill set is a great addition to your existing clinical team.
We enter diagnosis codes directly into your EMR software and provide easy-to-read reports, which include:
• Financial statistics and case mix scores
• All ICD-10 diagnosis codes sequenced and mapped to the OASIS
• Additional diagnosis codes relevant to the Plan of Care
• Recommendations for improving accuracy of OASIS answers
Coding starts at $35 and OASIS Review and Coding start at $55
Standard turnaround time is 1-2 business days
Getting started with a free trial is easy and the results are ready in 2 business days. Here’s what we need from you:
• A signed HIPAA Business Associate Agreement
• Access to 5 SOC charts of your choice

Contact Nate Taylor for more information:
Email: info@homehealthadv.com
Call: (801) 441-7099


Experts In What We Do!

We could go on and on with lengthy descriptions and fancy processes –
we don’t. We know OASIS and coding, are transparent, and straight forward.
We’re different that way.


What Our Customers Say.

HHA is readily accessible, easy to work with, and has always exceeded our expectations in timeliness of coding!

Jackie, Administrator

Vidant Home Health & Hospice

You guys are awesome…that’s what comes to mind! The coders are always very communicative.  Using HomeHealth Advantage truly gives us an advantage.  It frees up our clinical staff’s time to allow them to provide excellent care.  The OASIS reviews have allowed our Clinical Supervisor to use them as opportunities of improvement with our RNs.  She has tailored her OASIS trainings based on common mistakes so that our RNs can be more thorough in filling out the OASIS.  HomeHealth Advantage truly is that partner in the continual success of our home health agency.  Thank you!

Miguel, Administrator

Meridian Home Health

HHA is quick to respond to any concerns that you have. The coders respond quickly and in a very professional manner.

Melissa, QA Nurse

Washington Home Health

I feel HHA coders are very skilled in home health coding. We are all human and can overlook things or not code out to highest level of specificity. The times that has occurred in comparison to the volume is very small. I do feel our case mix weights and HHRGs have been more accurate with your coding. I love the turnaround time! It helps us get our RAPs out the door quicker than if someone in our office did the coding.


Phelps Regional Homecare

Mountain Home Health appreciates the excellent customer service we receive from Home Health Advantage.  When we have a question or a request we always receive a prompt response.

April, Administrator

Mountain Home Health

We have been working with Home Health Advantage for two years now and our experience has been nothing but positive. If there is ever a question that we have about the coding or a general question regarding Medicare/CMS regulations, our HHA coder always goes above and beyond to assist us. The turn-around time for coding is usually less than 24 hours. We are thrilled to have a company that will hold our hand when needed and treats us like we are the most important account they have.

Jeanette, Administrator

Dependable Nursing, LLC


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