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We’ll review and code 5 start-of-care OASIS charts and provide you with individual reports that include all ICD-10 diagnosis codes and our best recommendations for improving the accuracy of OASIS answers. This process takes only 1-2 business days. You’ll get a feel for our process and quality of work and can decide if it’s a fit. No cost, no obligation.


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 Work is performed by our team of US-based RNs we call “reviewers”.  We carefully select reviewers with:
• Active RN licenses with minimum 10 years home health nursing and coding experience
• ICD-10 home health coding certification (HCS-D)
• Certified OASIS Specialists (COS-C)
• Proven track record of strong coding
• Exceptional customer service
Their experience and specialized skill set is a great addition to your existing clinical team.
We enter diagnosis codes directly into your EMR software and provide easy-to-read reports, which include:
• Financial statistics and case mix scores
• All ICD-10 diagnosis codes sequenced and mapped to the OASIS
• Additional diagnosis codes relevant to the Plan of Care
• Recommendations for improving accuracy of OASIS answers
Coding starts at $35 and OASIS Review and Coding start at $55
Standard turnaround time is 1-2 business days
Getting started with a free trial is easy and the results are ready in 2 business days. Here’s what we need from you:
• A signed HIPAA Business Associate Agreement
• Access to 5 SOC charts of your choice

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Call: (801) 441-7099